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Universitas General Studies is an online learning platform

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With eight subject areas and specialist teaching staff.

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What can I study?

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At Universitas we offer courses in eight subject areas. Our aim is to provide you with specialist training that you can follow at your own pace, wherever you are.

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The roots of our School of higher education are to be found in the initiatives that appeared in the period known as Late Antiquity, where the aim was to bring together and pass on the different legacies of Greco-Roman and Eastern wisdom that gave rise to the universities of the Middle Ages.

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Meet our team

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The Universitas team is made up of professionals who are specialists in their sector. They are qualified both academically and professionally through their work in their particular area.

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What will you find in Universitas?


Recorded theoretical and practical classes and live sessions.


Teachers who have in-depth knowledge of the disciplines and work in the professional field.


Specialization based on a transversal humanistic training.


Training in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

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Practical-theoretical methodology

With an interdisciplinary base, we also seek specialized training, taught by teachers who have in-depth knowledge of the disciplines and professional experience. This method harmonizes theory with practice, which means that we value the closeness of science to the problems we encounter on a daily basis.

Accessible education for all

The aim of Universitas is to make specialized education and training accessible to all, without any selection processes or grades. We want to contribute to improving our societies by expanding the horizons of knowledge in a profound and grounded way, that will help us to deal with the different situations of life.


Universitas General Studies is an online course platform with eight study areas and a specialized faculty.


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