What is Universitas?

We are inspired by the initiatives that took place in the so-called Late Antiquity to transmit and collect the different legacies of Greco-Latin and Eastern wisdom that led to the universities of the Middle Ages.

Universitas General Studies is an academic proposal, endorsed by the New Acropolis International Organization.

Origin of the name

The founding of universities brought with it the need to organize knowledge. The first differentiation was that of knowledge for mental use and manual practice, which would later become Theory and Practice, the latter being relegated to the field of apprenticeship.

The word University derives from the Latin Universitas. “Abstract noun formed on the adjective Universus – a- um (All, whole, universal), derived in turn from Unus – a- um (one).” This term is attributed to Cicero, who would have used it for the first time, to mean a whole made up of numerous parts with a single purpose: universitas rerum and universitas generis humani.

Alfonso X the Wise defines it as “Town hall of teachers and students that is made in some place with will and understanding to learn knowledge“. (Partid. II, title XXXI, law 1.) alluding to the denomination universitas magistrorum et scholarium.

Until the 14th century, the term Universitas coexisted with another older term, first Studium and then Studium generale and also Studia Generalia (plural). This was the name given to the first universities: the Bologna School of Law (14th century), the Bologna School of Law (14th century) and the Bologna School of Law (14th century). XI) the schools of philosophy in Paris (11th century) and the monastic schools of Oxford (12th century), and the monastic schools of Oxford (12th century), and the monastic schools of Oxford (12th century). XII).

In this antecedent we base ourselves to add the term “General Study” in singular or plural, “General Studies”, in the vernacular languages or in Latin Studium Generale or Studia Generalia . It refers to a center of instruction for all types of people, where lessons are given on various academic disciplines.

Academic Proposal

Interdisciplinary training

Interdisciplinary and scientifically based training within the reach of all people seeking knowledge in various fields. The common link offered by Universitas is the ethical approach, which takes into account universal and timeless values and principles.

Education for life

We want to contribute to the improvement of our societies through individual training. Broadening horizons of deep and solid knowledge, helping people to face life and improve their environment and societies.

Specialized faculty

With an interdisciplinary base, we also seek specialized training, taught by teachers who have in-depth knowledge of the disciplines being taught and also add professional experience.


Universitas General Studies is an online school of higher education with eight areas of study and specialized faculty.


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