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Ethics and Animal Law

Principles of animal protection

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“Aspectos prácticos y legales de la relación entre humanos y animales”

You will learn about the origins of the coexistence between humans and animals, and the different attitudes to animal protection throughout history. 

The current situation of animals – ethical, legal and social – in relation to human beings. 

You will have access to tools to make your professions more effective in terms of animal protection.

What will you learn?

1. The principles of the specialty of Animal Law, which will help you understand animal protection laws in Europe and America.

2. The history of animal protection and the most important ethical arguments.

3. An alternative view of animals: beings with their own personality. The dignity and soul of animals. The dignity and soul of animals.

About the teacher

Lawyer, specialist in Animal Law.

Masters in Animal Law and Society from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Philosopher and writer.

Francisco Capacete

Who is the course for?

People interested in the subject: no previous qualifications or specialization are required. The informational nature of the course makes it accessible to anyone with an interest in the subject.

Law students: it is an opportunity to learn about the principles of this specialist area.

Legal professionals, vets or civil servants: you will be able to learn more about an interdisciplinary approach of law which combines philosophy, ethics and law.

Organizations and volunteers: understand the complex world of animal rights, starting from its fundamental principles. You will be able to direct and implement volunteering actions and programmes more effectively.

Course format

6 parts

12 videosof 40min each

Total durationof the course 8h

Additional resources (websites, videos, reading material)

Teaching material available

Coursecompletion certificate

Course contents

  1. Background on animal protection.
  2. Animal protection and welfare.
  • The animal as a legal subject.
  • Granting rights to animals or recognizing their rights.
  • Animal dignity.
  • Development of the insertion of animals in human societies.
  • Treatment of animals. Ethics.
  • Attitudes towards respect for animals and their justification.
    • Vegetarianismo, veganismo, dieta omnívora y el respeto hacia los animales.
    • Espectáculos públicos con animales.
    • Experimentación científica y comercio: sus limitaciones.
  • International and national.
  • Conflicts with fundamental rights.
    • Religious rites.
    • Manifestaciones culturales ancestrales.
    • Limitaciones al libre desarrollo de la persona y la regulación excesivamente proteccionista del humano.
  • The biological person.
  • The soul of animals.
  • Principles of justice, ethics and legal rules.
  • Sharing of participants’ reflections.
  • Towards a new law and a clearer idea of justice.

Stages of learning

About the teacher

Francisco Capacete

Lawyer, specialist in Animal Law.

Master in Animal Law and Society by the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

Philosopher and writer.

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Ethics and Animal Law

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