Ethics and Animal Law

Fundamentals of animal protection

You will learn the origins of the coexistence between humans and animals, the different attitudes towards the protection of animals throughout history. The current ethical, legal and social situation of animals in relation to humans. You will have access to tools to make your animal protection professions more effective.

Virtual course in Spanish

Recorded videos, you can watch them whenever you want

Periodic updates

Access for one academic year

Virtual course in Spanish

Recorded videos, you can watch them whenever you want

Periodic updates

Access for one academic year

Who is the course for?

People interested in the subject: no previous degree or specialization is required. Its informative nature makes it accessible to anyone with an interest in the subject.

Law students: it is an opportunity to learn the basics of this specialty.

Legal, veterinary or public administration professionals: you will be able to deepen your knowledge of an interdisciplinary approach to law that combines philosophy, ethics and law.

Entities and volunteers: understanding the complex world of animal rights, from its foundations. You will be able to guide and make volunteer actions and programs more efficient.

Course format

6 parts

12 videos of 40min

Total duration of the course 8h

Additional resources (websites, videos, readings)

Didactic material available

Certificate of course completion

What will you learn?

1. The basics of the Animal Law specialty that will help you understand the animal protection laws of Europe and America.

2. The history of animal protection and the most important ethical arguments.

3. An alternative vision of animals: beings with their own personality. The dignity and soul of animals.

Learning stages

Course syllabus

Part 1


Background on animal protection. - Domestication. - History of animal protection. - Animal protection and welfare.


Part 2

Fundamentals of Animal Law

The animal as a subject of law. - Granting or recognizing rights to or from animals. - The dignity of animals.

Part 3

Animal Law and Society

Evolution of the insertion of animals in human societies. - Treatment of animals. Ethics. - Positions on respect for animals and their justification.


Part 4

Animal law and legislation

International and national. - Conflicts with fundamental rights.

Part 5

The soul and the animal person

The biological person. - The soul of animals. - Foundation of justice, ethics and the norm.


Part 6


Sharing of the participants' reflections. - Towards a new law and a clearer idea of justice.

About the teacher

Francisco Capacete

Lawyer, specialist in Animal Law.

Master in Animal Law and Society by the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

Philosopher and writer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you listen to all the lessons one by one to get the full picture. It is also recommended that you take the course with a certain frequency over time to better retain the knowledge.

The course will be available for one academic year. Follow the course at your own pace.

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