Conflict management and non-violent communication

In this course you will learn how to properly manage conflicts, resolving situations through the use of communication and conflict mediation techniques. You will understand what conflict is and the mental postures that interfere with communication and how to reprogram them. You will also know what Nonviolent Communication is, what are its bases and what are the steps to be able to practice it at all times. We will use Conflict Mediation techniques applicable in everyday life and in the business environment.


Virtual course taught in Portuguese

Recorded videos, you can watch them whenever you want

Live practical sessions

Access for one academic year

Virtual course in Portuguese

Recorded videos, you can watch them whenever you want

Live practical sessions

Access for one academic year

Who is the course for?

People interested in learning how to manage conflicts in their personal lives:
you will learn to manage conflicts in an appropriate way, solving everyday situations and developing social skills.

Students, lawyers and postgraduates:
we help you to deepen your knowledge in communication skills based on the self-compositive methodology of conflict resolution.

Managers, leaders, administrators and entrepreneurs:
we will give you different practical and efficient tools to include conflict management in the corporate environment with the intention of obtaining better results.

Course format

10 videos of 35min maximum

2 simulated practices

Total duration of the course 10h

Curso Universitas Karla y Janine

Additional resources (videos and readings)

Didactic material available

Certificate of course completion

What will you learn?

1. Proper management of personal conflicts

2. Apply nonviolent communication as a method of peaceful conflict resolution.

3. Knowing the mental postures that interfere with communication, and how to reprogram them.

4. To apply conflict mediation techniques in daily life and in the corporate environment, leaving life more harmonious.

Learning stages

Learning stages

Course syllabus

Module 1


Concept and normalization of conflict - The culture of conflict - The spiral of conflict


Module 2


Ineffective Communication - Empathy - Nonviolent Communication and its foundations. - Nonviolent Communication Guidelines

Module 3

Techniques and tools

Rapport, active listening - Validation of feelings, recontextualization, afago - Techniques and tools: dialectics and generation of options


Module 4

Cost of the conflict

Cost of the conflict

Part 5

Simulated practices

Nonviolent Communication - Mediation Techniques


About the teachers

Karla Andrade Costa Lacombe

Lawyer, postgraduate in Public Law, specialist in Corporate Law and Compliance of the Insper Institute. CEO of Andrade Lacombe Advogados Associados (correspondent of Centro International Jurídico Maat with offices in Spain, France, Greece, Guatemala and Peru).

Certified in Nonviolent Communication by the CNV Brazil Institute.

President of the National Commission of Support to New Lawyers of the Brazilian Bar Association.

Janine Max Gomes de Oliveira Danna

Lawyer in the public sector and deputy corrective representative of the state-owned company Telebras, acting in the area of mediation and negotiation at the law firm Andrade Lacombe Advogados Associados.

Postgraduate in Civil Law and Civil Procedural Law from Escola da Magistratura do Distrito Federal.

Judicial and extrajudicial mediator certified by the National Council of Justice of Brazil.

President of the National Mediation Commission of the Brazilian Bar Association – ABA.

Certification in Negotiation by the University of Michigan.

Access to the course remains available for one academic year in your profile.

100 €

Access to the course remains available for one academic year in your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you listen to all the lessons one by one to get the full picture. It is also recommended that you take the course with a certain frequency over time to better retain the knowledge.

The course will be available for one academic year. Follow the course at your own pace.

Yes. You have access to the entire course and can view it again at any time.

Entering the “Virtual Campus” menu. The username and password are the same as the ones you entered when you purchased the course. If you do not remember you can click on the link “Forgot your username or password?” and follow the instructions.


At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion of the course program.


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