Carl G. Jung: Keys to Self-Knowledge

In this course we will approach Jung’s life and work from his confessions and teachings, in which we can not only recognize ourselves but also find answers that help us to understand and comprehend ourselves in the living of our own particular experience.


Virtual course in Spanish

Recorded videos, you can watch them whenever you want

Periodic updates

Access for one academic year

Virtual course in Spanish

Recorded videos, you can watch them whenever you want

Periodic updates

Access for one academic year

Who is the course for?

People interested in psychology and self-knowledge:

You will learn about the life and work of Carl G. Jung, and apply practical resources to know yourself and improve your life.

Students and postgraduates: you will gain a humanistic view of psychology and learn more about the work of Carl G. Jung, which will help you to deepen your understanding of his work and legacy.

Psychologists, therapists, coaches and social assistance personnel: You will learn keys to Carl G. Jung’s work to improve the accompaniment of your clients and patients in the search for integral wellbeing.

Course format

3 modules

16 videos of approx. 30min

Total duration of the course 10h

Additional resources (websites, videos, readings)

Didactic material available

Certificate of course completion

What will you learn?

1. To know in depth the life and works of Carl g. Jung

2. The relationship and importance of myth in psychology.

3. Humanistic approach to symbols and their vital understanding.

4. You will peek into the mysteries of love, death, dreams, time, and the sacred.

Learning stages

Learning stages

Course syllabus

Module 1

Carl G. Jung, The Imperatives of Destiny

– Birth, childhood, adolescence. Your family tree
– 1st choice: Study medicine. An imperative of destiny
– 2nd choice: Specialize in psychiatry. The mystery of human pain
– The spirit of the times and the spirit of the deep: Temporal ethics and timeless ethics.
– Marriage. Emma, companion in the understanding and discovery of the mysteries of the psyche.
– Travel
– Decisive encounters. Freud
– The idea of God in his life. The luminous god and the dark god
– The image of God in the individual, society and history


Module 2

Archetypes and symbols

– The mysterious journey inward.
– The soul, the mind and the psyche. The Anima Mundi
– The individual unconscious and the collective unconscious. Relationship with the universe and the laws of nature
– More travel. Encounter with Eastern and Western philosophy
– The decisive importance of the symbol in psychic development
– and mental. Experiences of comparative symbology and the contribution of philosophy, mythology, archeology, alchemy in the understanding of the historical development of mankind. Alchemy and psychology. Harmonization of opposites
– Archetypes as universal models. The anima, the animus, the shadow, individuation, the Self, the Sacred
– The human being’s conquest of the self: The Person, the Self, the Path of Individuation, the function of transcendence.

Module 3

The final mysteries

– Rupture with Freud. Causes and effects
– The years of inner loneliness
– The individual and social human being
– The decisive experiences of the human being. The development of consciousness and self-awareness, love and relationships, suffering, dreams, death and immortality.
– The enigma of time and synchronicity
– Near-death experiences and other episodes in their adult life
– The pursuit of happiness
– The mysteries of his adult life: The Bollingen Tower
– The strange Red Book and the Black Books


About the teacher

Maria Jesús Iglesias Alba

Social Worker by the University of Oviedo, Diploma in Social Work by the Complutense University of Madrid. Expert in Systemic-Relational Therapy from the Complutense University of Madrid. Certified ELE Teacher by the Complutense Foundation of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Access to the course remains available for one academic year in your profile.

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Access to the course remains available for one academic year in your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you listen to all the lessons one by one to get the full picture. It is also recommended that you take the course with a certain frequency over time to better retain the knowledge.

The course will be available for one academic year. Follow the course at your own pace.

Yes. You have access to the entire course and can view it again at any time.

Entering the “Virtual Campus” menu. The username and password are the same as the ones you entered when you purchased the course. If you do not remember you can click on the link “Forgot your username or password?” and follow the instructions.


At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion of the course program.


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